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Our mission is to create a personal experience from source to slumber, and compassionately change the face of home goods while building a bridge between quality and value.

We bring everything from hotel-quality bed linen through to handmade homewear to our customers' doors, but we do it with more care and thought.

Ocoza was founded because we passionately care about our beautiful planet, and believe that premium home goods shouldn’t be part of an exclusive membership club. That’s why our values are quality, fairness and earth-consciousness, and we only ship our products in recyclable packaging.


Everyone knows the impact that air travel has on the planet. As an earth-conscious company, we’re proud that we’re tackling this problem head-on in the way that we source our products. Ever heard of near-shoring? Let us explain. We’ll try and keep it short.

Near-shoring is how we bring our premium products to your homes (in plastic-free packaging might we add). We have direct relationships with manufacturers, which means not only do we get to hand-select what products we sell, but it also means that we cut out the part where these exact same products get shipped to luxury brand names for them to put their names on.

Yes, you heard that right. These brands then ship them to their customers for double the price. That’s how we keep our prices down too. You could say we’re doing the planet a service as well as our customers’ bank balances. Premium products without the premium price tags, and without paying the premium of a high carbon footprint. We don’t like to boast, but we think that’s pretty great.


Ocoza exists to bring joy to our customers homes and lives, but we also really care about the people we do business with. We only work with manufacturers who have ethical labour standards and want to empower local producers in the process.

We’re proud of what we do and are genuinely committed to being the best we can be as a company.

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