How To Put Throw on Sofa: 5 Ways

How To Put Throw on Sofa: 5 Ways

From pillows to throws, to couch covers, there are so many different ways you can make your sofa stand out. What about throw blankets specifically? We’re sure one of your Pinterest boards has a multitude of different ways to style a throw, but how can you actually apply those to real life? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Your dream living room is just one throw away from being used in someone else’s Pinterest board. 

We are firm believers that your living space should reflect your own personality, but also be an area you can go to at the end of the day to unwind and relax. The days seem to be going by faster and trying to find alone time for yourself is getting more and more difficult. That’s why transforming your living space to be what you always imagined it would be is crucial. You can take five minutes to sit and enjoy your living space and recharge yourself to give you the energy you need to finish out the day. 

If you’ve ever felt like throws were unnecessary to your sofa, then we challenge you to think again! After this article, you should know several different ways to put a throw on your sofa without making it seem like it was mistakenly put there.

What Is a Throw?

We should start with the basics before we jump into anything else. Whether you are well-versed in throws, or you’re sitting here wondering what on earth a throw even is, this will be a little mini-lesson. A throw is essentially a fancy blanket. Unlike your fuzzy blankets that are seemingly in every room of the house, a throw is specifically used as a piece of interior design. The right throw can make your sofa the star of the show. 

Take our Cocoon Muslin Cotton Throw in Bison and Oak Buff, for example. This particular set of throws comes with one blanket, but two different colors. This throw blanket can be the perfect addition to your master bedroom, guest bedroom, and most importantly your living room! 

You can throw it on the armchair of your sofa to give it that added sophistication that it may have been missing before. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, this specific set has neutral colors which is perfect for the winter seasons, or if you’re trying to get that minimalist aesthetic. 

You can quite literally throw your throw onto the sofa and still somehow manage to achieve that perfect look that you have been pining after. Our classic cotton muslin blankets are made with 100% cotton which means they are not only visually pleasing but are also extremely soft and comfortable. The whole point of the throw is to make sure that you don’t overthink it. 

When we said you could literally throw your throw before, we meant it! Have fun with it and make sure that you’re not thinking too much about the specific orientation of the throw itself. It is supposed to easily enhance the look of your sofa, so don’t make it more difficult for yourself. Like any piece of interior design, make sure you know what kind of color palette you will be working with. 

We support any and all interior designs, so if you want to mix neutral colors with something like our Cocoon Muslin Cotton Throw in Roseda and Sand Dollar, then you get the best of both worlds. You have the pop of the greenish color, but you can also decide to stick with the more neutral side. Whatever your color palette may be, we have something to match it!

How Do I Put a Throw on My Sofa? 

Blankets are essential to your living room or really any space that has a sofa. They are a great accessory to have for practical purposes, but also just to add some extra color to a seemingly plain sofa. The problem that most people run into when trying to style a throw is that they do not know how to place it in a particular way that makes it visually and aesthetically pleasing. 

The most popular way to style a throw on a sofa is to simply toss the blanket over the side of the couch. With this particular choice, you really can not go wrong. Depending on the color of your sofa and the color of the throw you are going to use, that really may be the only thing the interior design needed to make the room tie together. 

The good thing about throws is you can essentially do whatever you like with them. You can also choose to fold up the throw in various different ways in order to style them. You can roll up the throw and place it as an extra pillow, or you can fold it into a triangular or rectangular shape to create different abstract pieces. 

The third way that you can use a throw on a sofa is to strategically place the throw over a certain section of the sofa. You may not have as many pillows on one side of the sofa as you do on the other, but styling the throw this way can make your sofa become the focal point of your living room. You can bunch it together at one end and place that over the back of the couch. As the throw goes further down the sofa, start to spread it out like a fan. 

Play Around With It

When you style the throw this way, you have lots of room to play with. Twist it instead of bunching, or twist the throw as it goes down the couch instead of just spreading it out more to create that fan look. The choice is really up to you and you have endless amounts of ways you can do so. 

The fourth way to style a throw on your sofa is to make it cover the entirety of the back of your couch. Some people don’t like to have the backs of their couches exposed, which is completely fine. The only problem you may run into is that visually, it can be a bit boring. Well, not anymore! You can get a fuzzy or colorful throw like our Buhur Cotton Throw in Beige and Black to really spice it up.

All you have to do is take the throw lengthwise and spread it out. Feel free to tuck the top of it into the couch itself so that it can stay in place throughout the day. This is one of the simplest ways that you can use a throw to your advantage and give your space that extra spice. 

The fifth and final way you can style a throw on a sofa is to fold it over a space on the couch where there are no pillows. Again, you can fold it into any kind of shape that you want, but just make sure there aren't any pillows in your way. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to throws there is no need to feel frustrated or defeated by a piece of fancy cotton. You can take the throw and literally throw it if you’d like, or you can fold it and make some sort of blanket origami with it. 

The bottom line is that you should have fun decorating your space. Don’t overthink it and remember to style it in whichever way brings you the most peace. 


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