What Is Loungewear: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Loungewear: Everything You Need To Know

You may be thinking to yourself: is there a difference between loungewear and sleepwear? Technically yes, but we are firm believers that you can stay in pyjamas all day long if you truly want to. 

Say goodbye to the days of outfit changes and extra laundry because we have some of the best homewear that you can get. It’s always a pain trying to find something to throw on so you can take the trash out without looking crazy. This is probably why loungewear was created. Loungewear is in fact different from sleepwear, but they do share similarities. 

What Is Loungewear?

To our own surprise, there was a life before loungewear. Sleeping gowns have been around since the early 20th century, but a lot of them were designed after the flapper-style clothing that was very popular during this time period. The earliest version of loungewear is some form of a nightgown. Don’t be fooled by the comfort; this kind of dress was only worn in the house for sleeping purposes. You couldn’t catch anyone outside their homes with just a nightgown on. 

This is the opposite of what loungewear is made for. Unlike nightgowns or sleepwear, loungewear is supposed to be a more casual type of attire that makes you look presentable and put together, but is just as comfortable as pyjamas. Think of Elizabeth Taylor in Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s 1963 Cleopatra for instance. The garment you see her in during most of the film is a simple strap gown that consists of two pieces of linen sewed together up the sides of some linen straps. 

Keep the Loungewear Simple

Loungewear doesn’t have to be as extravagant as an Egyptian Elizabeth Taylor, but it does have to be just as comfortable. That is the whole point of loungewear: to make sure you look nice but keep you comfortable. If you’re looking for stylish and handmade homewear, then look no further because you have come to the right place. 

Pieces like our Cocoon Cotton Poncho in Green is a prime example of loungewear. It is perfect year-round, but especially during the summer. With the soft cotton fabric and a practical hood, there is no doubt that this would become your go-to summer loungewear. If you need an extra layer while you’re at home, or you’re just looking for a lightweight beach cover-up, this is the loungewear for you. 

Like we said before, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but make sure that whatever you’re wearing, it’s comfortable. Your comfort should be at the forefront of every decision in your loungewear journey. 

Do Robes Count as Loungewear? 

Don’t worry; when it comes to robes, they fall in a very neutral category of being able to pass as loungewear, but also as a part of your pyjamas. You can throw on a robe if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to cover yourself up, but it doesn’t have to be used for just that. Robes are perfect for wrapping yourself up after a nice, long shower. Our Muslin Cotton Bathrobe in Lavender Blue is perfect for this.

Our robes are made up of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. This means that not only is it extremely absorbent, but it is also ultra-lightweight and super soft. Chances are when you put it on, you’re not going to want to take it off. But hey, that’s the point. It can be made into a dressing gown for those moments when you aren’t quite ready to leave the comfort behind. 

Robes have been used since as early as the 1800s and it looks like their use has only gained more popularity throughout the years. When it comes to loungewear, robes are a staple item to have. They’re perfect for wrapping yourself up during the winter, or enjoying the feeling of air-drying during the summer season. 

What Kind of Loungewear Exists?

Loungewear does not begin and end with the bathrobe. In fact, there are several pieces of clothing that are specifically slated as loungewear. Working from home or working remotely has gained more popularity over the past couple of years, but you can’t live in your pyjamas for the rest of your life. We can all benefit from dressing comfortably because how you start your day sets the tone for the rest to follow. 

Figuring out what you’re going to wear for the day can be an extremely frustrating experience. By the time you’ve finally put together an outfit, half of your closet is scattered across the floor (but somehow you still feel uncomfortable with what you have on). Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own body and that includes what you’re wearing! 

The Popularity of Loungewear

Loungewear has definitely gained popularity over the past several years, and for good reason. There is now a specific kind of middle level that takes athletic, sleep, and business casual attire and mixes it all into one kind of clothing. While loungewear may not directly include your favourite oversized pyjama set, it will hopefully still have that same level of comfortability. The best part about loungewear is the fact that it was meant to be relaxed in! 

You can sit at home all day and still feel put together and ready to go out at a moment’s notice. You can throw a poncho over some biker shorts and be the trendiest person at your local grocery store. The thing that is most important to learn about loungewear is that it all goes back to you. What do you need in order to feel comfortable? 

All of these questions are things you should ask yourself when shopping for loungewear. If you feel like you need to step up your loungewear game, then ask yourself what makes you comfortable. You can find loungewear in just about any color you want these days so you don’t even have to worry about that. Whether you like to stick to your neutral colors or you want to dress head to toe in the same colors as highlighters, there is loungewear out there for you. 

In Conclusion

While you can stick to pajamas and call it a day, you can also give loungewear a chance. It was literally created in order to make comfort a number one priority. Its second priority is that it still creates a look of professionalism. Whether you need a go-to piece hanging by the front door for grocery runs, or you’re looking for the perfect year-round robe, loungewear is there for you. 

You no longer have to worry about throwing comfort away for the sake of being fashion forward. You can finally achieve both at the same time. Don’t forget, your comfort should be the top priority when it comes to looking for loungewear. 


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