What Is Percale Cotton?

What Is Percale Cotton?

Cotton has a long history from when it originated to the modern form that we know now. When it comes to our materials, we want to use products that give you a luxurious feeling but are good for your wallet (and the planet). You can learn so much about what materials are best for different household linens. The next time you’re shopping for sheets, you’ll actually know the quality of cotton you’re getting. 

What Kinds of Cotton Are There?

At Ocoza, we are very up-front about the kinds of products we use and what materials go into producing them. We are Earth-conscious, so when we were putting together our collection, we knew what was most important to us. First, you (the customer) are our number one priority. We want to enhance the little details of your daily life so that you can effortlessly enjoy the space you surround yourself in every single day. We carefully curate your cosiness so that you can take pride in your home goods. 

That being said, we don’t want to enhance your everyday living at the risk of the environment. That is why we make sure that our products are not only good for you, but also for the environment. Our core values consist of quality, fairness, and being Earth-conscious. When we were producing our materials, we knew we wanted to use fabrics that were dependable. That is why our bedding, bath collection, and living collection are made from 100% natural long-staple cotton from Turkey. 

Take our Classic Percale - Core Bedding Set in Mint. This particular set is similar to a lot of our bedding sets with the materials being: 

  • 100% long-staple cotton 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • 180-thread count 
  • Cosy, high-quality bedding (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified)
  • No harmful substances 
  • Breathable

No matter what bedding you end up choosing, you can rest comfortably knowing that it was sustainably sourced and made from genuine materials that are designed to enhance your day-to-day lives. You can also see this practice with our own packaging. We’ve designed our packaging to be 100% recyclable so that it is eco-friendly. Reducing our packaging is just one of the many ways that we can show that we truly care about our planet. 

Where Does Percale Cotton Come From? 

In simplest terms, percale describes the type of weave used in our luxury bedding materials. Percale is the simple criss-cross pattern that allows the linen itself to get its threads tightly woven into one another. Percale cotton was imported from India in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was then the popularity of this particular material gained a lot of traction because it was manufactured in France.

What most people don’t know is that percale cotton is just a specific type of cotton sheet. While several different kinds of cotton can be used to make percale cotton sheets, we use 100% natural long-staple Turkish cotton. Staple simply refers to the length of the cotton fibre itself. We use the longer fibres of cotton because they typically make more breathable fabrics and have a good thread count. 

If you’ve ever wondered about what thread count you should be looking for, take a look at our Classic Percale Fitted Sheet Set in Anthracite with white piping. This particular set has a thread count of 180. When looking for bedding, you should be looking for a thread count of 200-400. Different kinds of materials require different thread counts, so here is a breakdown of what thread count you should be looking for when choosing different kinds of fabrics:

  • Cotton: 200-400
  • Egyptian Cotton: 300-400
  • Pima Cotton: 200-400
  • Rayon/Viscose: 300-500
  • Linen: 80-140
  • Percale: 200-400
  • Sateen: 300-600

Our percale cotton has the perfect thread count, but anything less than that should be researched carefully so that you know you’re getting the best materials for yourself. Whether you go with any of our percale cotton sheet sets, or something like our Lavish Sateen - Duvet Cover Set in Nude Pink, you can rest easy knowing that you are responsibly getting carefully crafted cosiness delivered to your front door.

What Does Turkey Have To Do With It? 

A fun fact that many people may not know is that Turkey is actually known for its centuries-long cotton weaving skills. The production of cotton can be traced back to the earliest civilizations of the world, but Turkey has always made it its own skill. It’s been an important product and cultural puzzle piece to the country for thousands of years. That’s why we have chosen our bedding to be produced and manufactured over in Turkey, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing! 

You may be asking yourself, “well, why Turkey?” This is a valid question considering that there are places like Egypt that are also known for their cotton production. The thing about Turkey is that it has the perfect climate for cotton to grow naturally. The country has a warm climate and nutrient-rich soil which are the ideal conditions for growing cotton. 

The Bottom Line

We think it’s important that you all learn about what kind of materials you’re buying. It’s only fair to inform you about everything that goes into your experience from the moment your product is manufactured, to when it arrives in the mail. Percale cotton is still cotton, just weaved in a certain way so that it creates a more breathable fabric. Your comfort is our priority so we want to make sure these sheets will last you through the depths of summer heat, but still retain warmth during the long winter season. 

Remember, you deserve to have the luxurious feel of a high-end spa in the comfort of your own home. You shouldn't have to choose between making sure that your home has high-quality home goods and a big price tag. We’ll do all the work so that you can have premium home products for less. 


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