Fold a Fitted Sheet

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet: The Easiest Way

As if it’s a surprise to anyone, Martha Stewart has all of the answers. We can’t think of a time when we feel less like a cleaning guru than when we’re attempting to fold a fitted sheet. Yet somehow, Martha found the hacks you need to know to find the easy way to fold that frustrating fitted sheet. You can save space by following our Martha-inspired tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet. 

We’ve all been there: frantically shoving your bed linens into the linen closet, hoping that Marie Kondo doesn’t appear out of thin air to declutter your sheets away. If you’ve ever frustratingly shoved your bedding into a hallway closet, this article is for you! We’re here to break down the step-by-step process of how to fold a fitted sheet that actually makes sense for once. 

Those elastic edges turn simple sheets into a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. In as few as eight simple steps, you can get that fitted bed sheet to be perfectly folded to a standard even Martha would commend. It’s all about patience and finding the little hacks to make your everyday life easier! 

Does the Type of Sheet I Use Matter?

We would love to live in a world where self-folding sheets were rapidly available, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Until that happens, we have to stick with the old-fashioned way of actually attempting to fold our bedding. A flat sheet or a top sheet of any kind is far less frustrating to fold, but it’s always the thing you wait to do last that’s the worst: fold the fitted sheet. 

At Ocoza, we firmly believe in putting your wants and needs at the base of everything we do. That includes your bedding and the materials it’s made out of. Remember, we’re all about enhancing your daily lives. We may be looking for convenience, but that doesn’t mean that quality gets thrown out the window. 

Start With Clean Sheets

When it comes to properly folding your sheet set, pillowcase, or really any kind of bedding, the first step is the most important one: wash your bedding! You don’t have to be on the Kondo level to know that clean linens will mean an easier and crisper fold. That being said, bedding like our Classic Percale Fitted Sheet Set in Anthracite with White Piped is the perfect example of the kind of bedding that will make your life easier simply by existing. Our fitted sheet set is made out of 100% natural long-staple cotton that creates the perfect year-round bedding that will survive the summer’s hottest days and the winter’s coldest nights. Cotton sheets are the most breathable fabric out there, but we also offer sateen fabric as well. 

Starting with the right bedding and making sure it is clean will make all of the difference, regardless of if you are trying to put away a duvet cover or get those fitted sheets to finally look organized and take up less space. 

What Are the Steps to Sheet Folding for Fitted Sheets?

This is what you have been waiting for: the secret on how to get the perfectly folded fitted sheet. It’s surprisingly easier than you would imagine. After reading these simple steps, folding a fitted sheet will never seem like an impossible task again. Once you have gotten your quality linen sheets and have made sure that they are clean, you should find a flat surface. 

Next, fold the elastic corners of the sheet together. This can be any corner that you’d prefer, but just make sure you run up the long side of the sheet to find the bunched-up elastic facing out. The top of the sheet should be facing you, with the opposite side facing outward. This is when you can bring the two vertical corners to one another and flip one over the other and turn the sheet inside out. This will give you a pocket of sorts that is really helpful in the steps moving forward. 

The easiest way to do that is to take your right hand and use it to fold the left-hand corner of the sheet over and onto your left hand to reach the opposite corner. By the end of this step, you should have the right corner wrapped around the lengthwise corner in your opposing hand. If you did that without a struggle, congratulations! Now you have to do it again, this time to the other corners. You should be able to easily reach down and add the bottom corners to the top two corners that have just been folded. 

The Next Steps for Folding

Whichever order you choose to fold the corners into themself is up to you; just make sure that by the end of it you are pinching together all of the corners and have them tucked in. This should have hopefully created a nice and neat fold. This is when that flat surface you’re next to comes into play. After all the corners are tucked into one another, the sheet should be able to be laid down on a flat surface. 

If that isn’t the case, try the first few steps over again until you are satisfied with your tucked-in corners. Hopefully, that isn’t the case you have successfully laid your fitted sheet onto the flat surface and all four corners are facing upwards in one corner. When that happens, just make the sheet into a rectangular shape. Again, try and try again until you get that rectangle shape because it will be extremely helpful in the final steps to come. 

The sheet at this point should have square-like edges and an L shape folded along the two edges of the fitted sheet. If the elastic part is on the inside of the fold then give yourself a pat on the back! You have now successfully folded a fitted sheet, the easy way! 

Please be patient with yourself because it can take a few times of practicing the steps in order to perfect them. If there is a particular step that you find yourself getting stuck on, feel free to look up video tutorials that can visually walk you through the steps we have just given you. Fitted sheets are a frustrating task, but not an impossible one. After a few days of practice, you should be able to be confident in your folding fitted sheets skills. 

In Conclusion 

There are two things in the world of fitted sheets that are true: it can be an extremely humbling experience, and Martha Stewart knows best. If you follow the steps we have just given you, you will have successfully learned how to fold a fitted sheet without wanting to rip the sheet to shreds. Plus, you will have mastered a new party trick. If there is something we all have in common, it’s that most of us do not know how to fold a fitted sheet. 


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