Feng Shui Bedroom: 3 Tips & Tricks

Feng Shui Bedroom: 3 Tips & Tricks

Sometimes you have all of the perfect items that you think you need for your bedroom. You finally have that new comforter you wanted and the perfect colour scheme you have always wished for has come together. And yet, things still may not feel right. While it may be bothersome, there are plenty of ways to make things right.

One thing that can help make your bedroom feel as balanced as possible is ensuring that your bedroom has proper feng shui! Read on and learn three tips about the practice and implementation of it.

What Is Good Feng Shui?

You may be wondering what feng shui even is. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese technique of arranging energy flow in any designated environment in order to gain a sense of harmony and balance and banish negative energy. You can implement a feng shui layout into any room in your home, from your living room to your bedroom, to elevate your interior design.

Ocoza is here to help; we have your back. These tips will help you master the technique in no time!

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng shui is all about the placement of objects in your environment to maximise positive energy. There are a number of different intricacies that can go into this, and one of the main principles of feng shui is the five elements. Understanding the elements of feng shui can greatly increase the sense of balance you have in your bedroom.

Using the elements can determine what types of objects you have in your bedroom, ranging from the colour of the objects to even the shape and size. Here is a breakdown of the elements of feng shui.

The Element of Wood

This element has qualities of vitality and vastness. Primary shapes are usually ones that are rectangular and colours associated with wood are green and blue. This element is also associated with ideas of family and wealth. To add the colours of this element to your bedroom, try our Reversible Percale Bedding Set in Blue & Baby Blue.

The Element of Fire

Fire embodies passion and feelings of illumination, ruling triangular and pointy shapes along with the colour red. For bedding that evokes passion and fire, the Reversible Percale Bedding Set in Fuschia & Red is your best bet.

The Element of Water

Water is associated with a flowing quality, with its dominant shapes being ones that are wavy and have curves. The primary colour for this element is black and has to do with your career. The Classic Percale Core Bedding Set in Anthracite is sure to bring a sense of calm to your bedroom, just like the water does.

The Element of Metal

This element possesses qualities of efficiency and beauty, taking over circular shapes and white colours. For your bedroom, try the beautiful and simple Classic Percale Core Bedding Set in White.

The Element of Earth

Earth maintains traits such as stability and feeling grounded and has shapes that are flat and square. colours associated with the earth element are browns, oranges, and yellows. The Pergamon Cotton Throw in Camel will add the perfect neutral touch to your bedroom.

Understanding the Elements

Understanding these elements will help you to understand what kinds of objects you need in your space. Feeling a lack of passion in your life? Maybe utilise the fire element and add some red objects to your room. Is there a lack of stability? Maybe making use of the qualities the earth element has will help!

Whatever it may be, having a grasp of what each element is will determine what is lacking in your bedroom in order to achieve feng shui. Keep trying different options until you achieve balance. It may take some time, but you can do it!

Feng Shui Tips: The Best Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

The ways in which you place your belongings in your bedroom are critical to achieving feng shui. It can look different depending on which room you are trying to achieve balance in, so let's break down what feng shui bedroom ideas will look like in your space.

First, place your bed in the command position. The command position is characterised by a place in the room where you have a full view of your surroundings and somewhere where you have full back support.

In short, the command position is all about ensuring that you’re protected from the back. Considering this, the best spot for your bed would be up against a wall that gives you an equal view of your whole bedroom. Additionally, feng shui suggests that you should have a solid headboard for extra support in your life.

Having pairs of items in even a small bedroom is also said to bring harmonious energy to your space. Try to have two nightstands as opposed to one. Here are some items that could be paired in order to better create feng shui in your bedroom:


As for where these pairs of items should be placed, try and think about symmetry. For instance, if you have two nightstands, place one on each side of the bed. If you have two lamps in a room, perhaps place one in a specific corner of the room and put the second in the opposite corner rather than on the side of your bed. See what works for you!

Here are some other feng shui bedroom rules to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding bad feng shui and optimizing the flow of energy in your bedroom:

  • Try to avoid an abundance of houseplants. Keep them in pairs and think about symmetry
  • Keep your room clutter-free; decluttering can help you get a good night’s sleep
  • If possible, bed placement should make the foot of the bed face the bedroom door
  • Try and keep a TV out of your room
  • No heavy paintings up on the wall
  • Avoid sharp corners on bedside tables, bookshelves, and other furniture

Work on where everything is placed in your room, and you should be feeling this sense of balance in no time!

Make Use of the Earth Element in the Bedroom

The earth element in feng shui is all about stability and health, which are perfect for making sure you stay grounded throughout any stressful times you may come across during your week. While you should try and maintain a balance between the elements and keep in mind which element is best suited for your desires, earth is one that is particularly suited for the bedroom.

We’ll break down more specifically how you can implement the types of earth-like elements you can add to your bedroom to make sure your space feels as stable and calm as possible.

  • Natural Items: Furnishing your room with home decor and pieces of furniture made from nature can be an easy way to increase your well-being and promote better sleep. For example, if you have plants in your bedroom, try to use terra cotta planters that channel life force energy and place the plants near a source of natural light.
  • Earth Tones: An easier way to embody the earth energy in your room is to make sure the colours in your room match earth tones. Perhaps you can switch out your current comforter for a bright and cheery yellow one. Maybe you have a blanket sitting at the foot of your bed; a pale pink matches the colour associated with the earth element.
  • Crystals: Crystals are a great way to channel the earth element since they come directly from the earth. Adding a couple of these to your space could bring in that stability you’ve been looking for.

While the earth element doesn’t have to be the only element you focus on in your bedroom, its qualities will definitely bring a sense of calm to your space.


Practicing the principles of feng shui will help you achieve balance and harmony in your bedroom. Remember to make use of each different element for what you need, with a particular focus on earth, and position your belongings with symmetry in mind.

Keep belongings and decor in pairs and this should ensure that your room has achieved proper feng shui. Follow these tips and you should be feeling a sense of balance in no time!



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